Project 1 Discussion

Aditya Sinha | Joesph Galante | Jacob Waller | Vincent Pham

The first project that we discussed in the group was Vincent's. It was the most completed project in the group. The above image shows the pie charts that were generated. The pie charts with age ranges being represented by different colors are good representations showing how much larger certain age demographics were compared to others.

The image above shows the bar chart and the table that was generated.

The image above shows the cholera deaths table and the line chart that displays the number of attacks on this day, deaths on this day, total attacks up to this day, and total deaths up to this day.

The image above is Joesph's project - it shows the deaths table and the line chart of attacks vs deaths. It did not contain the pie charts or the bar graphs from the solution above. There were also issues with the x-axis of the graph since the dates did not appear in order.

Jacbob and Aditya didn't finish their projects and therefore there are no screenshots for those projects.